Tools for web development

This is a set of tools, projects, libraries, frameworks, etc. to create web applications that I recommend you to check out. I’ll be modifying this list if I found more and more libraries. Feel free to recommend one in the comments section below.

Application logic at client side

  • jQuery: jQuery gives you an easy and portable way to query for DOM elements, create AJAX requests, create animation, etc. It’s like the de facto framework to extend JavaScript. There are others like, mootools, etc.
  • Handlebars.js: Templating engine at client side. You can render JSON objects to HTML.

Style, HTML organization, and UI helpers

  • Twitter Bootstrap: All your website style should be based on this. Forget your way to layout HTML elements and CSS style, this is the right way to do it.
  • less: A dynamic stylesheet language. Useful to avoid duplicating colors/styles all over a CSS file.
  • jQuery UI: UI widgets and extensions to build really interactive pages with JavaScript and jQuery.
  • jQuery UI Layout: A way to organize your page like a desktop app with docking panes. Example
  • fancybox: A library to show screenshots with fancy transitions (depends on jQuery).

Data visualization

  • SlickGrid: A super customizable open source JavaScript grid to display a lot of data. You’ll need JavaScript knowledge to customize this grid, but it feels really good when you found a bug and you can fix it (also you can send pull requests to the author). Grooveshark uses this grid.
  • dygraphs: Create zoomable charts.

WebFonts & Icons

 23 June 2012 | webdev programming